Journal of Research Studies in Business and Management:

Contents: Volume 3: August 2017. ISSN: 2057-8881

Haddoud, M. Editorial: Current Issues in Business and Management 
Brady, S & Lerigo-Jones, M. An Examination into Consumer Attitudes towards Sponsored Online Content from Social Media Influencers
Aldous, R. & Soares, A. Ethical Purchasing Behaviour in Retail: Food versus Clothes
Poole, K. & Haddoud, M. Purchase Intentions Towards Healthy Food Products 
Platt, J. & Saundry, R. Factors Influencing Employee Willingness to use Voice Mechanisms 
Gillan, B. & Tripathi, S. The Impact of Leadership on Job Satisfaction 
Baker, A. & Kabwe, C. Redundancy effects on Survivor Motivation 
Grant, K. & Weeding, H. To What Extent have Changes to Education Policy since 2010 Impacted Career Perceptions of School Leavers?
Newton-Clark, C. & Thornton, C. Internal and External Factors Influencing Operations in Devon Based Family Run Restaurants
Rowley, S. & Phippen, A. To What Extent is Digital Media Influencing UK Video Game Consumer Behaviour?
Collyer, A. & Young, J. Brand Loyalty towards BMW