Volume 2 (2016)

Journal of Research Studies in Business and Management:

Contents: Volume 2: August 2016. ISSN: 2057-8881

Hudson Smith, M. Editorial pp 1-2
Yarr, H. & Hudson Smith, M. Dealing with Supply Chain Disruption: How Businesses are Managing their Supply Chains through the Migrant Crisis in Calais pp 3-25
Wetherall, H. & Lippell, S. What is the Impact of Low Employee Motivation Levels Within Organisations? pp 26-48
Corthine, T. & Lippell, S. In the UK Retail Industry, to what extent would providing a living wage increase employee motivation and performance in the workplace? pp 49-75
Bateman, T. & Phippen, A. How Ethical Are the Millennial Generation? A Study into Consumer Perception of Influence, Awareness and Responsibility of Ethical Behaviour pp 76-97
Babb, B., & Lippell, S. To what extent do factors associated with workplace satisfaction influence the decisions of people to become self-employed? pp 98-130
Shield, J. & Phippen, A. To What Extent does Online Targeted Marketing Become Invasive for the Consumer?  pp 131-150
Aylott, M. & Young, J. University students’ brand preference towards athletic footwear; Focusing upon factors that influence their purchasing decision process pp151-
Middleton, B. & Hudson Smith, M. The Anheuser-Busch InBev – SABMiller Merger: An Analysis of Motives and the Internal and External Impacts of the Merger pp
Arnot, D. & Phippen, A. Migrating Data to the Cloud: Costs, Risks and Opportunities Involved for Companies in the Finance Sector – A Case Study pp
Harrison, J. & Hudson Smith, M.  The importance of branding within the pharmaceutical industry and its influences on consumer behaviour in regard to over-the-counter products. pp