Volume 1 (2015)

Journal of Research Studies in Business and Management:

Contents: Volume 1: August 2015. ISSN: 2057-8881

Hudson Smith, M. Editorial: Current Issues in Business & Management pp 1-2
Drakeford, B. & Hudson Smith, M. Mobile Gambling: Implications of Accessibility pp 3-28
Thorpe, J. & Lean, J. The Legalisation of Marijuana: An Analysis into the Economic Impacts on Colorado’s Economy – Will future states choose to follow such policies? pp 29-55
Gilbert, L. & Phippen, A. Is Digital Marketing Affecting Young Children? pp 56-68
Richardson, Z. & Morton, A. To what extent has the increased use of Technology and Social Media affected customer perceptions within the Tourism Industry? pp 69-92
Harle, G. & Phippen, A. Business Ethics: Optional or Essential for Business? – A Case Study into the Retail Industry From a Consumer Perspective pp 93-118
Simpson, J & Mortimore, H. The influence of direct mail marketing on buyer purchasing decisions: A qualitative analysis of perceptions by age group pp 119-142
Talbot, S. & Hudson Smith, M. An investigation into whether taking time out of education and employment directly after university affects graduate employability pp 143-162
Turner, W. & Thornton, C. Paid to Perform? The Relationship between Chief Executive Pay (Cash Compensation) and Company Performance in FTSE100 Banks, Retailers and Manufacturers between 2006 and 2013 pp 163-188
Whitehead, O. & Phippen, A. An investigation into the ideas and effects of zero-hour contracts within the United Kingdom pp 189-209
Norman, A. & Kabwe, C. An Investigation into the perceptions of employee performance management in the UK retail industry pp 210-235
Muncer, J. & Kabwe, C. An Evaluation of How Change is managed in Practice and the Key Considerations for Organisations Undertaking a Change pp 236-258
Patmore, F. & Haddoud, M. The Drivers and Barriers facing Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) entering the US market pp 259-280