Submission to the Journal of Research Studies in Business and Management

All projects submitted by students taking the STO310 Project module will automatically be considered for publication. All other Plymouth Business School students may request that their undergraduate project is considered for publication by contacting the editors and ensuring that the project conforms to the submission guidelines, detailed below. Normally only projects that achieve the highest marks will be considered and all submissions should include completed marking and feedback sheets.


The Research Paper should be submitted as a Word document ONLY (.doc or .docx) and presented as a professionally written journal paper. Please ensure that your paper conforms to the style and formatting guidelines given below. You may find it useful to use the following JRSBM Paper Template to help format your paper appropriately.

The word limit for the research paper is 8,000 words. As a rule of thumb, you should ensure that your paper is within +/- 10% of this limit. References, the title page and any appendices are not included in the word limit but everything in the main body of the text, including table and figures, are.

Style Guidelines

The research paper should be written in a formal style, using standard English spelling, punctuation and grammar. Your writing should be clear and easy to read, with all acronyms or specialist terms fully explained on first use.

We usually advise that you write in the third person, as it is more professional and helps you to be more objective in your writing.

The structure of the paper is up to you; however it will need to include, an introduction, a review of the relevant literature, an explanation of the aims and objectives of the research and how these were addressed, presentation and explanation of your key findings and a conclusion which highlights the importance of the research.

Formatting Guidelines

The paper should conform to the following formatting – please use the downloadable template to help ensure all the criteria are covered:

  • General
  • Use Times New Roman font throughout
    • 14 point font size and bold for main headings
    • 12 point font size and bold for section headings
    • 12 point font size italicised for sub headings
    • 10 point font for main text
    • 9 point font size italicised for table / figure captions
    • Authors’ names and affiliations in 10 point font size italicised
    • Abstract should use 10 point size font and be italicised
  • Pagination
  • Page should be set to A4 size
    • 25mm margins all around
    • No text justification
    • Line spacing 1.15 / 14point
    • Leave a single space after each paragraph
    • Leave 2 spaces after each section (before a new heading)
  • References
    • Use Harvard style
    • Use alphabetical list
    • Indent the second and subsequent lines of text by 10mm
    • Use 9 point font size and do not leave spaces between references
  • Potential structure for the paper; this offers a useful starting point, but it is not necessary to follow it if you feel it is inappropriate for your paper:
    • Introduction
    • Literature Review
    • Research Methodology
    • Results & Discussion
    • Conclusion
    • References
    • Appendices
    • The paper should be submitted as a single document, where possible.
    • Any appendices should be attached to the end of the paper, after the references. Ideally, the appendices should be separated from the main body of the paper by a page break.
    • Appendices should be kept to a minimum.
  • Abstract
  • You need to include an abstract of 250 words (max)
  • It needs to cover:
      • The purpose of the research
      • The approach / methodology used
      • The key findings
      • The value of the work

Ethical Approval and Confidentiality

All students are required to gain ethical approval for their work and to ensure that the confidentiality of the paper is clarified with any participants, as we will only publish papers that have consent from participants for publication.

Please ensure that your final work does not include copyrighted work which needs special permission for re-use. This includes all 3rd party images or tables which you do not have explicit permission to reuse.

Full instructions for authors can be found here: Instructions for Authors – JRSBM